Rate Hikes Have Increased Your Electric Bill By 30%!

The Benefits of Desert Solar Energy Installations in Arizona

There are a ton of great reasons to install a solar energy system on your home in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Find out why picking Desert Solar Energy is the best choice for your home!

More Installation Options

As an independent authorized dealer for the largest residential installer in the United States, we are able to offer a greater variety of solar energy solutions for your home than most installers. We have a variety of purchase and lease options available, and we custom tailor each installation to properly fit the needs of your home.

Guaranteed Electricity Production

While system failures are uncommon with modern solar energy system technologies the question still remains - "What happens if my system goes down?". Not to worry - All of our installations include a 25 Year Production Guarantee! System monitoring is also included with all systems so you can be assured your system is producing what you paid for.

Fixed Lower Monthly Electric Bill

Our solar energy system installations typically produce electricity on average 30% cheaper than current electric company rates. When you switch to solar, you get a fixed rate of electricity that does not increase with inflation. While electricity rate increases typically out-pace inflation at 4.5% per year, they have risen by 30% in Tucson and Southern Arizona in the last 3 years!

Save Thousands of Dollars on your Electric Bill

Our primary goal is to help you save on your total electric bill by paying a lower fixed rate for electricity. After the first year of production, many homeowners will see hundreds of dollars in savings on electricity. Over the years as electric rates rise (and your solar rate does not), this translates into thousands of dollars in savings over the long run.

No Out-Of-Pocket Expense | No Deposit | NO Down Payment

Switching to solar is essentially a bill swap - you are switching your primary source of electricity to your solar energy system as compared to staying completely dependent on the utility company. There is no deposit or out of pocket expense - you don't pay for solar until the system is ready to be turned on!

Best Warranties and Guarantees in the Industry

All installations carry a comprehensive 25 year warranty. On top of that they also carry our unique 25 Year Production Guarantee. Additionally, the current generation of Tier 1 panels we offer are estimated to last 40-45 years!

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Memberships & Affiliations

As native Tucsonans and long time residents, we are proud to be part of the local community.

We are active members of the following organizations:
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Licensing in Arizona

As an independent authorized dealer for the largest residential solar install in the United States, all installations are licensed, bonded, and insured. Arizona installations are licensed through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors under ROC 347650 & ROC 319879.
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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Desert Solar Energy 5 star reviews in Tucson, Arizona

Tom was amazing! Super informative and knowledgeable about solar and answered all my crazy questions. I didn't feel pressured to purchase or anything. Best thing I've done for my house and my finances since I bought my home. Thank you, Mr. Rompel for helping me get solar!!

Desert Solar Energy 5 star reviews in Tucson, Arizona

They made going solar so easy and stress free. The sales rep really gave us a clear expectation and led with honesty. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the solar pros. Just an amazing experience, thank you.

Desert Solar Energy 5 star reviews in Tucson, Arizona

Great company, they have went above and beyond for us!!!

Desert Solar Energy 5 star reviews in Tucson, Arizona

My family and I were interested in finding ways to control our energy costs. After speaking with Tom Rompel about solar, we found an easy answer to finding savings on our electrical bill. Tom did a superb job explaining in total detail, how the system works and how to fund the project. The steps were simple, and the team did a fantastic job from application to installation. Tom answered all of our questions along the way, and we couldn't be happier with our solar system. Thank you, Tom!

Desert Solar Energy 5 star reviews in Tucson, Arizona

Loved the experience and commitment from this company! They were in close contact every step of the way and kept us updated on the whole process! Our solar panels are now installed and look AMAZING!!! 🙏

Solar Energy F.A.Q.


Solar panels consist of a multitude of small photovoltaic cells, which are made of silicon and other materials that create an electric field. Sunlight hits atoms in these cells and knocks electrons free, and these are converted into usable electricity and transferred to wires to power your home.


There is little to no maintenance necessary for a residential solar power system. Typically, they’ll only need attention if outside circumstances damage the panels. They also don’t need to be cleaned unless they get dirty enough so that sunlight can’t reach the photovoltaic cells which would be a rare event in pollution free and sunny Southern Arizona.


Our licensed and trained professionals, will take great care to not cause damage to your roof. It’s also important to make sure that your roof is in good condition before installation. If your roof needs to be re-coated, repaired or in need of a new roof we can include that in your complete Solar System and you’ll get an additional 30% Solar Tax Credit for the cost of the roof work.


Solar Panels can have an estimated life span of 40-45 years. Our top-of-the-line systems continue to operate at over 90% efficiency even after 20 years.


It’ll only take around 30 minutes for me to show you the benefits of switching to Solar. By the end I promise you’ll know exactly what the Solar program is and what it’s not. There will be no grey area. If you’d then like to Go Solar then we’ll immediately start the process. Typically, from start to finish system are activated within 45 to 90 days.


Yes, every installation comes with an all-inclusive 25-year warranty that includes parts, material, and labor as well as a 10-year roof penetration warranty.


Yes. The number of panels required will depend on the amount of electricity it uses, but it is possible to run your home entirely on the power generated by your Solar panels.


There’s No Out-of-Pocket Expense to make the switch to Solar. Every system is customed tailored to your homes specific electric usage. A new system can cost as little as $69/month.


Renewable Energy: Unlike traditional expensive energy sources like coal or natural gas, in Arizona there’s unlimited amount of sunlight.

Clean Power: Solar energy produces less carbon dioxide and has less of a negative impact on the environment compared to traditional power sources. Solar panels become carbon neutral in 1 to 3 years of operation.

Lower Electric Bills: The installation cost of solar panels is split into monthly payments, and these are typically on average 33% less your monthly electric bills and the cost is fixed! It can never go up!

Tax Incentives: There are tax credit incentives at the federal and state levels for installing solar panels. End Date for Payments: When you get your power from an electric company, you get increases on a regular basis and keep paying indefinitely. With Solar, your Solar payment is less, it’s fixed and eventually it goes to ZERO.

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